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Creativity and Depression: What Causes The Link?


The World Health Organization estimates that over 121 million people worldwide suffer from some form of depression. It is one of the world’s most common mental disorders and with 30% of sufferers attempting suicide, I’m not lying when I say that depression kills. With the death of Robin…

The Peaceful State Of Mind Following A Pleasant Dream Is Called Euneirophrenia


Have you ever woken up from a particularly pleasant dream and found that it happened to make the rest of your day a little bit better. Like the dream was so good that you just walked around the rest of the day with a hop to your step.  It’s almost indescribable in that you literally have no conclusive reason for being happy other than the fact that you just had a good dream. However, despite the indescribable nature of this feeling, there is a word that can be used to define it.

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